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Absolute Health & Wellbeing was established in 1995 by leading Naturopath Anne Currenti. Her commitment to inspire, educate and motivate has empowered many people to achieve their health goals.

Absolute Health & Wellbeing has been providing health education seminars, wellbeing analysis and therapeutic massage to the corporate and business sectors since 2007 after recognising the need and importance of health in the workplace. These can help business facilitate healthier, less stressed and more empowered staff – with reduced absenteeism.

Our approach is highly individualised, tailored to suit your business objectives as well as staff needs. Choose from a variety of empowering seminars, half or full days as well as massage or mini iridology consults for your staff.

What if particular health issues could be more effectively managed – how would that impact the positivity of staff and absenteeism rate?

Imagine the improvement that massage could make both mentally and physically to staff.

Envisage a more empowered team equipped with dietary and lifestyle advice to assist in making the right decisions for both the immediate future and for life. What a great investment!

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